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Adapted Vehicle Accident Claims

Adapted Vehicle Repair handling and repair service

We are here to help motorists involved in accidents where they were not to blame.
If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault there is no need to claim on your insurance and we can deal with the hassle associated with getting your adapted vehicle repaired.

We work with the UK’s top road accident management companies which gives us access to adapted replacement vehicles after accidents, ensuring innocent parties stay mobile whilst their own vehicle is being repaired.

Due to the specialist modifications required for adapted vehicles, finding a  replacement hire vehicle can be difficult if your adapted vehicle is involved in an accident and needs to be repaired.

We can arrange the delivery of a specially adapted vehicle to be delivered to you within 24 hours anywhere in the UK whilst picking up your damaged vehicle and deal with both yours and the third parties insurance firms.

Whilst your adapted vehicle is being repaired by one of our teams of qualified professionals we will keep you up to date on the progress and will arrange the delivery of your fully repaired vehicle whilst picking up the replacement hire vehicle.

How do you know if the accident wasn’t your fault?

There are several accident scenarios that will never be seen as your fault:

  • You are stationary at lights or a roundabout and another driver runs into your car from behind.
  • You are driving along a main road and another vehicle pulls out of a side turning into your car.
  • You are parked and another vehicle hits your car.

Most drivers know when they were not at fault for an accident. If in doubt, please call us and we will assist in any way we can to get the situation resolved.